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Four Wheel Drive Trucks
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Driver-Aaron Smothers -- Money Hog

Driver-Charmayne Clark -- Snap On Chevrolet

Driver-Dan Savage -- Mr. Chevy

Driver-Troy Nails -- Killin Time

Driver-Kevin Abshire -- Gone Awol

Driver-Lynda Ziegler -- Iron Butterfly

Driver-Michael Campbell -- Family Tradition

Driver-Mike Omps --Green Machine

Driver-Robert Nagel -- Show Off

Driver -Temple Brizendire -- Footloose

Driver-Todd Jarvis Truck (1)-- Wicked

Driver-Todd Jarvis Truck (2)-- Super Thing

Driver-Tom Konopatski -- Awesome Ride

Driver-Willie Omps -- Enforcer

Driver-Zach Vance -- Mountaineer

Driver-Timmy Varner --Risky Business

Driver-Wayne Tapscott Sr. --Tazmanian Terror II

Drivers-Paul Booth & Leroy Booth -- Fare Game

Driver-Bill Cramer -- The Contender

Jake Cramer -- Super Natural

Ross Borger -- Summertime Blues

Fred Virgili -- Never Satisfied II

Ben Carmon -- Half Breed

Shawn Becker -- Iron Mistress

James Wiker -- Wiker's Welding & Fabrication

Jimmy Cameron -- Bad Company

Ben Ellis, Jr -- Benjammin

Eddie Zedreck -- Thunder

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Modified Tractors
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Brian Foster

Driver-Ricky Blizzard - Barely Affordable

Drivers-Art Brommer/ Charles Brommer, Jr. - Here's Hopen

Driver-Dave Daku - The Phoenix

Drivers-Nancy Weller/ Earl Howard - Hot Damn

Driver-Phillip Jones - Attitude Adjuster

Driver-James Kendle - Concord

Driver- Randy Davis - Running Bear

Driver-Frederick McKenzie - Highland Special

Driver-Jason McKenzie - Never Satisfied

Driver-Jim McKenzie - Blood Sweat & Tears

Driver-Stu McNamara - Ricochet Rocket

Driver-Kourtney Robinson - Fony Farmer

Driver-Tim Robinson - Fony Farmer II

Driver-Tom Blizzard - Ford Play

Driver-Tom Owens - Ramblin Rose

Driver-Sharon Everman - Wild Hare

Driver-Mark Cole - The Gambler

Brian Foster -

Super-Pro Stock Tractors
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Driver- David Becker - Light the Fire

Driver- Thomas Bedgar - Outcast

Drivers- Cory A. Forrester/ Jason Mellot - Hot Iron

Driver- Kris Hoyt - Nut Case

Driver- Ray Link - Gon' Mokin

Driver- David L. Moore Jr. (Davey) - One Moore Deere

Driver- Tara C. Moore- Moore Agitation

Driver- Jason Neese - Bandit

Driver- Leon Oberholtzer - Persuader

Driver- Michael Thomas - Virginia Crow

Drivers- Kevin Windsor / Robbie Campbell - Six Shooter

Driver- John H. Wright III - Headstrong

Driver- Robert Martin - That Darn Deere

Driver- Patty Martin - John Deere Green

Driver- Josh Martin - Think Green

Driver- Josh Martin - Dairy Deere

Driver- Tim Ammons - Redlined Harvester

Drivers- Robert Saathoff Sr. / Robert Saathoff, Jr - Family Affair

Driver - Vernon Zerby - Z-Mistress

Driver - Jeff King - High Cotton

Driver - Randy Bricker -Red Bull

Driver - Henry Everman -Final Decision

Driver - Fred Hildenbrand -Froggy

Two Wheel Drive Trucks
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Driver- Trent Best - Best Bet

Driver- Robert Bransom - Party Time

Driver- Jake Cline - Blast From the Past

Drivers- Jeffery Eshelman/ Dan Wilson - Boss Hawg

Drivers- Kevin Landis/ Don Landis - PA Ridge Runner

Driver- Bryan McDonald - Suffering From Insanity

Driver- Sabrina Reed - Mischief Maker

Driver- Clarence "Buck" Tipton IV - All Fired Up

Driver- Johnny Gott - Sled Slayer

Driver- Steve Willson - Dirty Money

Driver- Erv Clark - Taz Toy

Driver- Al VanOstrand - Cowboy Cadillac

Pro Stock Diesel Trucks
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Driver- Lamar Burkholder

Driver- Jeremy Denson - "Too" Disturbed

Driver- Kevin Armstrong - Outta Control

Driver- Dan Romberger - Smokin' Addiction

Drivers - Norman Newswanger and Merle Rieff - Ran Broke

Driver - Logan Armstrong - Almost Outta Control

Driver - Dave Kratz -

Driver - Delton Sensenig -

Shane Mcconnell--Alan Mcconnell -- Renegade Ram

Andrew Grove -- Bad Timing

Andrew Kinsley -- Ranch Hand

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