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Cross Box Rule Information
This rule goes into effect June 27,2009 for Eastcoast Pullers.

All cross boxes must have a total material minimum of 1 ½” billet aluminum or ¾” steel material from nearest part of rotating gear to outside edge.

If cross-boy does not meet minimum material a safety blanket made of a minimum of 20 layers of Ballistic nylon or 15 layers of Kevlar which will surround entire gearbox. Blanket will have a minimum width of 3X the width of the gearbox to give a horse-shoe effect on end-capping gearbox. Blanket will be considered ¼” steel to help meet approved total thickness of gearbox.

Steel or aluminum can be added to the existing box to help meet the total material thickness. Remember, when you order one you will need to know the circumference and width of your gearbox and will have to provide the builder with all the proper dimensions in order to fit the blanket correctly. Companies that have agreed to build them so far